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NASCAR Wind Tunnel Testing - Aerodynamics - YouTube

It all became clear somebody had built exactly what Paul Van Valkenburgh predicted in the March 1995 issue of RCE – a coastdown tunnel – a tool that combines the best elements of real world, straight-line testing and conventional wind tunnels.

AeroDyn Wind Tunnel - YouTube

Brad Keselowski says wind-tunnel testing shows his Ford is at a disadvantage to the Toyotas and Chevys. ... Brad Keselowski fine with current playing field. ... NASCAR is going to give next year's ...

The secrets of Laurel Hill revealed - Racecar Engineering

The NASCAR Cup series has taken six cars to a windtunnel for aerodynamic testing on Tuesday following last weekend's Texas race. NASCAR selected the …

Wind tunnel - Wikipedia

Wind tunnels help stock car drivers test the aerodynamics of their cars. Learn more about how wind tunnels help stock car drivers at HowStuffWorks.

NASCAR - Brad Keselowski fine with current playing field

Wind tunnel has a moving ground plane as well as primary and secondary boundary layer suction. Subsonic testing capabilities for motorsports, production cars, commercial semi-trucking, cycling, wind turbines, architecture, aerospace, academic research, and industrial research and development.

NASCAR takes six Cup cars to windtunnel for aero tests ...

The 2013 NASCAR Fusion signifies a major shift in the way Sprint Cup race cars will look, bringing back manufacturer identity to the vehicles. Bernie Marcus, chief aero engineer for Ford Racing, talks about the on-going aero development of the new '13 Fusion, and what the company is looking for in wind tunnel testing.

How do wind tunnels help stock car drivers? | HowStuffWorks

For this first time this season, NASCAR is taking cars from each manufacturer to the wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing. Following Sunday’s O’Reilly 500 at Texas Motor Speedway, NASCAR ...